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Conservation Corps New Mexico


Your First Day - What to expect & how to prepare

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Where To Go

The Conservation Corps New Mexico office on the northeast corner of Hadley & N Valley between the carwash and the Las Cruces collision center.

512 North Valley Dr.

Las Cruces, NM 88005

Head into the open gate to the right of the building to park your vehicle.

What To Expect

You will receive a comprehensive email from CCNM staff on what your first day and the first few weeks of your season will look like. Below is general information and ideas on what to expect, but each training cycle looks a bit different.

If you have any questions about the first day, or first few weeks, reach out to the staff who have helped you get onboarded, or contact Genevieve Tucker, Program Director at: (575) 640-8540 // with any questions.

Day 1: Your first day is a welcome, orientation and enrollment day: this is the day prior to your term of service. On your first day, you should expect to spend a full 8–10-hour day at the office. Be prepared with your own snacks and lunch and remember to bring your paperwork and IDs. Dress casually and comfortably (wearing close-toed shoes) for a full day of presentations and activities in the office and shop. Day 1 is typically not a field day, so plan ahead and prepare overnight arrangements in town.

Day 2: Day two will typically be the first day in the field. Check out the Gear page for a comprehensive list of what to bring and what not to bring into the field. If you have any questions about gear, packing, etc. reach out to CCNM staff with any and all questions.


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Welcome | First Day | FAQs | Gear | About the Area | The Field Guide Blog