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Conservation Corps New Mexico


Las Cruces Staff

Photo of Michelle Norris

Michelle Norris

Program Manager

Photo of Genevieve Tucker

Genevieve Tucker

Field Supervisor

Conservation Corps New Mexico is also supported by Arizona Conservation Corps Staff

Photo of Paul Schmidt

Paul Schmidt

Executive Director

Photo of Russ Dickerson

Russ Dickerson

Operations Director

Photo of Joel Garcia

Joel Garcia

Recruitment and AmeriCorps Director

Photo of Lee Gault

Lee Gault

Associate Director

Photo of Tucker Herbert

Tucker Herbert

Individual Placement Program Director

Photo of Matt Hurst

Matt Hurst

Training and Logistics Director

Photo of Allison Laramee

Allison Laramee

Associate Director

Photo of Afton McKusick

Afton McKusick

Field Program Director

Photo of Andrew Pawlicki-Sinclair

Andrew Pawlicki-Sinclair

Recruitment & Member Support Coordinator

Photo of Celia Sanchez

Celia Sanchez

Administrative Director