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Conservation Corps New Mexico

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Leadership Opportunities


Challenging and rewarding! Leadership positions with Conservation Corps New Mexico give leaders a chance to grow, while inspiring the corpsmembers on their crew. With positions on Mentorship/Leadership Development Crews, Assistant Crew Leader positions and Crew Leader positions, there are options for leaders of all experience levels.

Leadership Opportunities

Please see the table below for open positions with Conservation Corps New Mexico. Click the 'Apply Here' link for more information and instructions to apply. For more information about programs, please see individual program pages. If there are no open positions for a particular program or position, please check back soon! 

See all Conservation Legacy program position openings here.

Title LocationDatesApplication
Crew Leader • Seeds of SuccessSanta Fe, NMApril to November, 2019Apply Here
Crew Lead • Rare Plant MonitoringSanta Fe, NMApril to October, 2019Apply Here
Crew Leader Permanent VacancyALLRollingApply Here


Lee Gault, Associate Director or 928.864.6355


Conservation Corps New Mexico emphasizes the recruitment and engagement of diverse teams and individuals who learn from each other and their projects in a supportive environment. In selecting participants, Conservation Corps New Mexico encourages all types of diversity including, but not limited to; race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, social-economic, and disability.

Conservation Corps New Mexico also emphasizes the engagement of local individuals who represent the communities in which they serve. Conservation Corps New Mexico intentionally searches for funding sources and program options to support the goal of offering experiences to a wide range of participants.